It’s a Life Lately with cake, cookies, Bretzel, Tuna Sandwich, Psych and 7th Heaven.

Last Friday, I cook a Marble Cake for photographic need and for eat too.

On Sunday afternoon, I watched PSYCH with two Yoplait tubs.

Monday I ate a Bretzel for my lunch on the way of my psychiatrist ( I know it’s not really a lunch ), Since lots of weeks I ate a Ham Sandwich but I wanted change a little and I want eat a Bretzel since any time so I take it, I wanted eat one last monday but the store didn’t.

Tuesday morning I cooked Chocolate Chips Cookies not for photography this time but eat alone.

At this time I eat my lunch box tuesday and thursday with a episode of  7th Heaven.

Yesterday night I make my tuna sandwich for my food photography planning and after I ate.

This month it’s Halloween and I decided to put a little candle orange in a glasse on my bookcase, I have never put Halloween or Fall decorations because I’m minimalist and decorations from this season are so big and unmanageable for me, this year I want so I search a little thing orange who could do the trick and I find this candle from IKEA. I cut the wick because I don’t want use candle cause candle = fire and I have fire phobia.



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