Life Lately

Hi guys! Lately, I passed from a good mind and an upgrade with less of my obsessional thoughts to a relapse with a lot of details in my obsessional thoughts and I can’t cope anymore with. It’s crazy! I’m passed between these sides in only one day while I was better since few days last week. I don’t why! I feel like if my new treatment helped during few days and now it does not help me anymore. The more weird, it’s that I feel like if one minute it helps me and the minute after it does not helps me anymore. It’s crazy and I’m struggling so much again with my obsessional thoughts. On nights, I love watching a Halloween movie or some episodes of my favorites tv shows and to put me in my bed with my blanket and orange color on my philips hue go and coloring, drawing or to do activity in my new fun Halloween activity book. That helps me, during these times I have almost any more obsessional thoughts.

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I FALL-work hard.

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A cat with his pumpkins.

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And he loves them… the other afternoon I placed them on my rug to do some photography and my cat came in my bedroom and lay down with the pumpkins and he scratched them.

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Sunday afternoon, I did a bike ride in the forest around my house but it was clearly not really Fall colors.

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On Monday, I had a psychiatrist visit but I was in trouble for talking to her. I don’t know why! but I felt bad about that because these two past months, I managed better to talk and now, I can’t talk anymore. I feel sad!  To try to get better after the visit, I grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks – The Hot Chocolate season has started now – and I took a walk around the city. I love walking around these parts of the city.

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Meeting Fall things at the stores.

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Let’s time! We started the renovation in our new house. Tuesday, we went to buy for painting the bedrooms. I was excited to go it!

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Wednesday, I officially baked my first pumpkin of the season AND my first Whoopie Pie recipe. Pumpkin Whoopie Pie. I love that, it’s sweet and soft but I could maybe to do mini whoopie pie in the future because normal size is big for my stomach size. Ouch!

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Oh! I spent many times on Pinterest for all kinds of Fall stuff.


Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow for my favorites of the week.




  • Reply ashleyleia September 27, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    Great pictures! I hope the obsessive thoughts get back under control soon.

    • Reply Peanut Recovery September 27, 2018 at 8:40 pm

      Thank you for sweet kind words! Hope!

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