Life Lately

This is a time for a life lately, inclued inside the very last days of school and I love that.

When a Thursday, you bake trying new recipe with a big anxiety for the appointments in the next day (here post).

When, you watch a new episode of season 14 from NCIS on Friday night.

Tea, check.

Chocolat Fondant, check.

A new episode of Season 7 from Hawai 5-0 on saturday night, check, all is check for this day.

Stuffed Nutella Pancakes is here on a lots of breakfast.

The weather is more hotter these last days, I take little times with the sun outside and sometimes with a T-shirt sleevless without having cold, Sunday morning was a of these days but with the little wind I use my blanket for stay on the backyard, listen a episode in Replay.

Oreo Ice Cream. With a spoon and just the ice cream. Not the cone.

Bolo Buns are here during a very much for dinner and with the sun outside.

My mom has take over the work, the cat search her everywhere in house. Sorry cat, door closed.

Walking with sun and good weather Monday for go to my psychiatrist visit.

Ok, After a long time with tea every single nights, my stomach don’t support again, I tried new nights drink, milk, raspberry syrup.

School these last days.

NEW smoothie flavor Mango.

This is a little Life Lately.


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