Life Lately

Here a little life lately. Only again few days of school before summer. I enjoy these last days of school and my May plans.

Start this Life Lately.

Sunday, I followed few parts in the day of the change at Elysée.

Chocolat Fondant on monday and saturday nights… and a tea every single nights.

Friday, a new episode of NCIS Season 14 on air in France.

Saturday, The sun is get out.

It was a good weather for a vanilla Ice cream.

Saturday, night new episode Season 7 of Hawai 5-0 was here

Last Thursday I baked a Mint Oreo Cheesecake and took photograph.

A BIG bubbles bath.

Monday, I not bought but prepared at home my lunch for in the train on the way of my psychiatrist visit, hard to eat: a bread pretzel with cheese and Caprice Sun.

I tried to eat with these favs clouds.

Walk with sun.

Tuesday Baked and photograph Lemon cheesecake.

Sun was out on afternoon with 26°C, I can for the first a t-shirt.

After dinner rest outside with the sun.

I put my pj’s and I went on my bed for start to watch NCIS New Orleans and I like it the view.

This is my little life lately, no photos, but inside I work on my last days of school.

The weather was finally a little upper some days this week and it was good to have a little more warm.


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