It’s time for a life lately today.

Friday morning went out with my parents early and I had no eat before I ate this little.

Last week, I have started my personalized big egg from easter.

Afternoon worked in the car with a brownie.

Hot dog is here.

Lots of Bubbles bath these last few times.

Tea every single night.

NCIS Season 14 on Friday night..

with a little piece egg chocolate.

New thing founded to eat: Pancakes stuffed of Nutella.

 Sloppy Joe.

Melted Chocolat on Saturday and Thursday Nights.

Hawai 5-0 on Saturday night.

A green Smoothie is lost in the terrace on sunday.

I do not baking cupcakes actually but I practice my frosting for better decorations for photography.

We went in forest sunday afternoon I let of steam with the branches.

Cream Ball.

Monday was a special day I had baking for the first since the beginning of January and I took photoshoot. This first baking I choose brownie.

Photoshoot a long time.

My first Pretzel since the beginning of January hard to eat I not ate all.

Train trip for go at my psychiatrist visit on tuesday.

and finish the day with NCIS New Orleans night with DvD and egg chocolate.

This is a life lately.


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