This week was full of food for recovery, a new thing and a little sunday walking.

Three Cream Ball Chocolat in the week.

Three brownie in the week.

On Friday after medical visit of my mom, I asked to stop at Mc Donald on come back home way for my dinner, this four nuggets that I had cut in some little pieces for eat, tasty.

Bubbles bath with a little of The Dog Who Saved Easter movie on Friday Night.

Fish it’s good for health, I eat fish, not just in form, inside there was cods.


Saturday enjoy the sun on afternoon and a vanilla milkshake.

I’m not a super feminine person but saturday I did manucure, it’s so bizarre I will not do this often but this summer try maybe at foot and not fingers.

I ate pasta with beef inside but I had cut around the tips, I can’t with.

I saw this at grocery I decided to change a little from pancakes to chocolat melting on Saturday and Monday night.

Hawai 5-0.

With Tea as every single night this past week.

Sunday dessert was Vienneta Mint.

On afternoon went walk a little.

After walked a big drink of Smoothies Green.

This is the life lately, with some square photos, fun, that.


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