Here a little life lately.

Mini Chocolate Beignets for snack friday morning.

On friday night I started my Häagen-Daz Vanilla Ice cream cup in the living room.

Not even 1 hour after I drunk a hot chocolate, weird! but I wanted.

Saturday nap in afternoon so much I was tired.

A KFC Cream Ball for snack later in afternoon.

As sun was here I sat down in front of him and I had a little read.

That was a test.

Saturday night nutella pancakes.

NCIS L.A. with a tea.

Sunday outside with sun a time my cat has come next to me for cuddle.

KFC Cream Ball’s sunday.

Monday, go at my psychiatrist visit in car.

I ate mini chocolate beignets during the road.

Watched Monk

Drunk a hot chocolate after visit.

Tuesday I started my first day of school after spring break.

I name this yogurt “A turn yogurt”.

Hot Chocolate.

A tea on night.

On the bed I look book for photography food inspirations.

This week sun was here. This is a life lately.

The first after SB.

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