A life lately.


Try to eat Chicken Nuggets friday afternoon in the car.

On friday night I felt bad, I’m stay in living room on sofa with my parents, a hot chocolate & NCIS.


A little reading on saturday afternoon.

A Nutella Pancake for snack afternoon.


I  arrived at level 100 from my favorite ipad game also.


I ate few monsters.

Watching NCIS L.A. in my room.

Sunday I ate for the first time of the year a ice cream (Vanilla Hagen Daz).

On the night I watched a movie with my parents with my blanket.

Monday, I went in car not train (approx. 1h15h) at my psychiatrist visit.


Climb the stairs.


As we go car and my mother was with I asked for visite a mall where I wanted go since a time.

img_7179 img_7182

This was the first time that I see a GAP store.

Stop at McDonald for a hot chocolate.


In the hall I love these green stones.

Test to ate this Petit Pain au Chocolat in the car on the way of back home.

Watch a little PSYCH.

Not Nutellla Waffle but A Nutella Pancake on the night for finish the day.

Thursday reading.

Thursday Puzzle.


WHHHAAATTT! This morning during I ate my breakfast I see two man up, this not normal and astounding!!.

It’s a life lately.

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