This is a life lately with lots of things about food.

With vacation in France, I do not had psychiatrist visit during two and half week and Halloween too and a special dinner to change the days or I ate Nutella Waffles.
One on thursday night and another on monday night.

I started and follow at this day my chocolate calendar.

I ate at McDo on friday lunch. 4 chicken nuggets with 10g Ketchup and I drunk a hot chocolate.
On friday night my parents went crepes for dinner.

I ate one and half with Nutelle for dinner.

I ate again one and half with Nutella on the night during watching NCIS.

On saturday night with NCIS New Orleans I ate two pancakes with Nutella.

On sunday afternoon I tested and approuved a slice of American Sandwichs with a little of butter.

On tuesday I like my red velvet cupcakes.

With a little hot chocolate.

Yesterday, I started I search for christmas and winter for my food photography planning.


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