A life lately of this about ten last days, they was good, hard, others some days was specials, others days a little snowy and others days was with new food.


On 5th, I had take off my Christmas decorations in my room.

I had buy a new little plastic box for little decorations and on the top of the cover I writes the date & a little word.

At the same moment I watched a little part of Christmas in Wonderland.

Snow was a little here, I took few photos of Christmas tree that was in living room at the garden.

Hot chocolate, YeaHHH!!! Again, again and again.

It was snowy landscapes on the way for my psychiatrist visits.

Nutella Waffles, Check!

Building Empire State Building 3D Puzzle.

NCIS Dvd and Pop Corn.


Food included my first Chocolate Chips Cookies from Starbucks of the year.


I ate several Chocolate Croissant.


And for finish my new breakfast: toast, just a little of butter and raspberry jam, I love it so much.


This is a life lately for those first days of the year.

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