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Welcome back! I’m back of a beach vacation on the French Riviera! I had some good and amazing time but to be honest, this vacation hasn’t calmed my flashbacks much I hoped. I had a few little breaks but the most time they were here but a little less powerful. I enjoyed my vacation the most I could, I practiced photography as I love, I discover new things and had some epic times. I could do a recap of my vacation with photos soon. Stay tuned!

Right now! Today, like we’re at the end of June I’m back on my monthly series “Top Five” In this series, I share each month, my absolute top five during the month. I think that is pretty precious! It’s always a good reflection because despite some hard days it helps me to keep in mind that there is some good too. Today, I’m sharing my June favorites.


1- French Riviera vacation.

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I’m just back from it! Like said above, I had some amazing and even epic times during my trip but my flashbacks did not have really let me. I could start my vacation recap next week.

2- Disneyland Paris day trip. 

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On the very beginning of June, I had a Disneyland Paris. I shared all my day in a special a day in the life post here. Although, I’m grateful because this post is an of my best viewed in June, I just so much loved to do it and because currently in my life Disneyland is so much for me because I feel so much good when I’m there or I think about. This day was really precious because it was the first time that I haven’t any flashbacks ALL DAY in months.

3- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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A couple of weeks ago, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the four Harry Potter books that I read now, it’s not my favorite. But I loved it! And! It’s the first time that I read a so much longer book. The Kindle app told 16 hours to read it. I was so scared when I saw that to not be able to finish it. I read it! In about three weeks! But I have done it! I pretty proud of me and how I manage my goal to read!

4- Sugar waffle with strawberries.

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Since I ate a sugar waffle at Disneyland this month, I obsessed with sugar waffles. I’m currently obsessed to eat fruits also. The other day, I was in mind to eat a sugar waffle at home and strawberry in the same time. Sugar waffle with strawberries is amazing! So good and brings me cozy in my body, and rarely food to this to me!

5- Summer style favorites. 

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Before going on my trip, I shared a look at my favorites summer minimalist style wardrobe. I currently love to wear my tees, shorts and flip flops. I was obsessed to wear in my beach trip.


Well! These are my June top five! What are your favorites in June? I enjoyed to take a break away blogging world but I’m happy to be back now on the blog. xoxo.




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