July Food in Review

A Food July in Review for a last day of July.


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Egg, Pasta, Egg, Pasta, Egg, Pasta, Egg, Pasta, Egg, Pasta, Egg, Pasta,… That was my July month, July inclue my Summer Family Vacation I ate a lots lots of Pasta and Egg almost at every meals, I ate also a lots of Chocolate Beignets, a lots of Ice Cream eaten, I drunk a lots of Smoothies but always the same to taste, I ate quite many Slice Bread Nutella… and I ate also Nutella Crepes.


July was not truly a perfect month, I can often feeling bad, during my Trip I was bad some days and I was bad some days back to home but some days was rather good, it depends of days, in fact. In July, I thought a lots about that one year ago, I eaten less less cause I wanted to lost weight and I counted ALL CALORIES, this year, one year later I do not it anymore.


Managed or not in July


 My first goal: continue to eat my few favorites it’s OK, I did not have so much favorites meals but Eggs and Pasta was my favorites and I ate hem, outside meals I founded during my Trip some favorites snacks and I ate them.

The second goal was I wanted to eat more chicken, OK that’s not very accomplished, I ate one dinner of chicken (nuggets), I did not enough time with Trip for founded how I can eat chicken.

The third, that’s GOOD, I did what I wanted for July.

Yes, Yes! I ate Ice Cream, a lots.

That’s I can say that it’s perfect for my food situation actually.

It’s good for some days and some days it’s not good, must say that with Eggs and Pasta I did not so much cooked but when I did for PhotoShoot that’s a big YES.


See again more with Photographs:

A Red Ice Cream for a 4th JULY.

I ate few pieces of Chocolate Fondant.

Fried Eggs or Boiled Eggs.

These pasta or… (more in Trip)

these Pasta (cheese inside) (more at home).

During Trip, a lots of Chocolate Beignet.

Some mornings in Trip, I ate Cereals, it’s new and GOOD.

In Trip, I ate two Nutella Crepes and if you follow me on Instagram, you can see that I recently eat at home also for Breakfast.

Ice Cream, Ice Cream is here, I can eat one to two/day, outside Vanilla is my favorite…

…at home, these one is my favorite, Magnum or also to Double Chocolate.

I ate Tuna Sandwich, and many during Trip, I continued that at home cause I love.

In the way of back to home of my psychiatrist visits, I ate Chocolate Cream Balls.

Smoothies every days Strawberry-Banana.

These little “Hedgehog” natural brioche have been unanimous, this month.


OK, I think that’s all for Food July in Review.


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It is my July Food In Review ‘ s post.




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