I want to do a post about my life with a ipad.


(There is few weeks I did a post about my favorites Iphone/Ipad apps.)

My first Ipad I had it in Christmas 2012, at beginning I did all things with him because I had a PC that it not working correctly and slow.

In May 2015, I had my MacBook at this time I slowed my use with my Ipad but by force uses since 1 and half year ago it not working good and there is some bugs.


For Christmas 2016, my parents bought a other Ipad.


My use with him it’s dedicated at my games.


Safari also when I do not want use my MacBook for internet researches and I find my Iphone not enough big, sometimes I use Plans. I had always my old Ipad that I use when I go somewhere and that I do not want take my new Ipad, generally when I take a Ipad outside it’s for watching videos.


My impressions about my old Ipad and new Ipad, they have changed at design level, it’s different but I love the two each for them.


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