In Love with these Hot Days.

In love with these hot days - In Love with these Hot Days.

Before I started to skiing this winter, hot days were my favorites days of the year… they are always, but now I love too the cold days for skiing.


I have several reasons why I’m in love with hot days. It’s not simply because it’s summer or time for pool.


Here a list of why hot days and summer are my favorites.

IMG 9077 - In Love with these Hot Days.


• Wear my flip flop. It’s probably my favorite things ever in summer.

• Lay down on a chair or on a towel at the beach and feel on my arms or in my hair a very little wind.

• Wear tees and shorts. Few years ago I did not liked wear tee on summer in cause of my self harm scars but currently I don’t care about my self harm scars.

• Wrap on a cozy beach towel.

• Go in the pool or spa when it’s enough hot and that the sun is here.

• Read or listen a book.

• Stay outside late for work or relax and feel just the time.

• Look up the sky in the night.

• See water fountains in the streets.

• Walk and take photos on the beach.

• Smell sunscreens.


IMG 9375 - In Love with these Hot Days.


Do you love hot days? What are your favorites things on hot days?


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  • Reply Alys June 12, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    I’m loving hot days at the moment too! It’s so nice to wear shorts

    • Reply Peanut Recovery June 12, 2018 at 1:59 pm

      It’s so good!

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