Yesterday I turned 20.

Okay, I hate my birthday because I fear of life and birthday it makes me think at life.

For this day I decided of not count calories.

I decided to eat two pancakes with nutella and a hot chocolate for breakfast.

In my family birthday cake it’s not important and I had really never a cake as I wanted. This year I wanted a red velvet cake for take photographs so I decided to cook it myself, I’m not good for cook and I’m not managed as I wanted for photography but I’m proud of me cause in my family never someone at cook his own birthday cake.

For lunch my mom wanted to go at restaurent after long reflection I found one with food that I could test.

Drink: I took a cocktail multi-fruits.

For eat it was a big deal, I wanted found something for test food, I founded this Burger chicken with french fries.

Before start.

After 30 minutes.

Result: The chicken was good, bread and fries also.

We were back home for eat cake.

I knew what I was going to receive: it’s a new tripod, reflectors and a new blanket.

That it’s the piece of my cake that I ate.

I gave at my cat a little of heavy cream in a plate and she had love it.

Around 3h00PM we were go at bowling.

I insisted at my parents for go there because they always promised me and never took it.

After played at bowling for the first time I wanted to go at Starbucks for a Chocolat Viennois Classic.

For dinner “my sister” wanted a pizza. I don’t had say no and I ate this three pieces.

After dinner and ate the half of piece from my cake upper I went in my room and play with this ballon that I had decor myself.

Around 9h50PM I’m go to bed.


Recap: Not counted calories it was a little hard but not so much because  I weighed, my parents disappointed me with some words, sometimes I would like friends for to do a birthday party but sometimes no I don’t know I feel not like the others but it’s because I never could learn.


That was the day or I turned 20, yesterday.

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