I took abroad my Parents

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In my child age, I did not to do lots of things outside of my home with my parents.

I decided to change that, YES! I want to do a lots of things today cause I have not done lots of things in my child age and for that it’s difficult with my parents, I must took them abroad of home, for do nothing, they are always a lots excuses; weather, days off, the world, tired.


I push them abroad Home.

That create conflicts with my parents, I think it’s in despite of my numbers problems I manage to take me out when I want really to do somethings and them no, but I prefer do not react at their discours and reserve my strengths for to do what I want to do.


My bigger sadness and when they did not thanks to me when they wanted to do something but for any excuse they did not to do, if I would not have been there. They would not be up in Eiffel Tower cause of big line peoples, with difficulties and disputes in only 30 minutes we had finish the line, so, they thinking that it could have been 3 hours for waiting. If my mother wanted since a lots of time go, I did not have a thanks, so, without me they would have leave of line. They have too big pride for say thanks to their daughter. My heart is ruined, if I keep only negative side of that but the positive side it’s that me I can to do what I wanted.

Try to stay in Positive Side.


Let’s go it’s time for to do little dream things.


I took abroad my Parents’ s post.




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