I’m back from Spring break with “I talk…” post and today it’s about travel.

What can I say for Travel?

What is Travel for me?

Travel for me it’s time or I go out from house during 3 days minimum.

What is my favorite part during organize a Travel ?

OK, I don’t have a favorite special thing but the thing which I prefer is to make my suitcase. (Here a little look how I pack for a trip).

What type of Travel I love?

Travel of few actions days same Nice in September 2016 are my favorites, in summer I love travel with more slowly and relax time with one week at least, in winter I love express Travel in snow.

What is my favorite transportation for travel?

Airplane, Train, in car I’m feel not good when the road trip start to exceeds 1 hour.

What is my favorites things that I love to do in a Travel?

On some Travel I planning for film and edit a special video, take photography from some places, walk or sit on a bench in front of a spot that I want look.

This is a post “I talk… Travel”.

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