Hello! It’s time of my monthly post I talk… and today it’s april and outside.

What time outside?

It’s perfect time for this post, these last days the wheater is gorgeous, it’s spring.

Before talk about my actually mind about outside, I want talk about my mind outside of last year.

Before there is few weeks ago I did this post stay inside or outside which treat of the same subject.

My mind about outside life it is not the same that last year.

Outside last year, was not a big thing that I love it on the contrary it was a nightmare, I wanted not to go outside, I’m feeled so bad; the light, the air, the wind, the earth, the sun, the hot day, sometimes I can’t breathed, certainly cause of my black ideas, my depression, my not wanted to discovered world to do things but more rest in my bed with shadow almost full closed and sleep or thinking at negative things.

My actually mind, is more I want go outside almost all time mostly since that the sun is here and the temperature go up, I have just a little problems that is from my treatment with the Lamictal but also my skin problems (yeah, I have since I born big skin problems coming soon a post about this), I believe a allergy at sun in face and hand particularly, I put sunscreen but when I put her on my face I have allergy at my eyes after, they are irritate and red, I can’t open them.

Ok, that’s a little problem we’ll say but we are going rest on my mind positive of this beginning of spring for outside.

I not wanted rest in my bed but go outside, generally at home in the backyard, I started to work outside.

I do not that really at this time but I want so much near; walking during a little time few days in the weeks, I want to do bike also, it’s a long time I did not do.

I want pass time outside and to be more active.

I have a other problem for realise these things, I don’t like go around my house cause of peoples that I don’t like they was at school with my me and bullying in a lots time but I want pass above that and to do what I want and no not to do by fears and anxiety from these peoples.

I want to do what I want this year and I not want that these fears stop me in my desires walk, or to bike cause them, I want to confront of these fears and enjoy a walking time or biking time with sun.

I prepare maybe a Challenge with outside.

This was “I talk… outside” post.

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