I talk… HOME

Today and as a Monday of all months I write my post entitled “I talk” with a special subject and today it’s about HOME.

I live with my parents.

What I wait when I’m in my home?

Home it must be a cozy place where I’m feel good for manage a maximum my Borderline Disorder.

All things is a special and represent somethings of special that help me at managed.

The must important things in my home are the more basics in a home; wall, floor are a special things for help myself. (Here, I did a post about my favorites colors for feel good and manage in my home).

Organization is the must important thing also.

Access facility of technology cable (Mac, iPhone, iPad, DSLR) are important for more speed when I need.

Home inclued backyard it’s a important thing where I can sit and to do somethings during weather permitted. (Here, few times I did a post about my favorites spring outdoor furnitures).

I prefer artificial lamp with close windows in my home that natural lights expect when I need for my photography.

This was “I talk… Home” post.

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