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Today and like once time of all months I write my post entitled “I talk” with a special subject and today it’s special, it’s about…HOLIDAYS PLANS.The holidays plans are not planned in my family, me I decided create holidays plans for me or even my family for which to do something.

I discovered the art of plans and list in all sorts of things about life and around Holidays season… it’s again better.

I started to plan early same since the last christmas for things that I know that I wanted for the follow christmas (for nothing forgotten, I organize on lists), I think it’s the best because you cannot enjoy the season and keep just all things in your head.

I choose what I wanted to do early like food photography or photoshoot and like that I have the time for to do all I want, (the past year I took me a late).

I listed with clothes to buy for christmas season, I have already a part of them too.


I talked about in a post buy online vs buy in a store around christmas this ring sound well, it’s a big deal.

In all my plans it’s to buy all christmas gifts before december 1st, before that there is a lot of promo and after the days past so fastly that you arrive on december 24th and you have nothing bought.

The last minutes gifts in a store during drink a hot chocolat in starbucks, why not? but the rule “it’s to have all principal gifts bought and it’s just last little christmas extras for finish, the best it’s that it’s a thing need and in extra gifts list, and that you take joy and to be not stressful for to do that“. This is my last minutes gifts rule, if this one is respected it’s good, I can appreciated to buy in a shop.


I’ll share some of my favorites tips about plans for holidays season.

1. Start to do some lists.

I love the lists, I think I’m compulsive for to do lists, it’s a such big help, in first you do not think how that can help you but after starting in few weeks you found the meaning of lists and you cannot to do without. I love write my lists in Erin Condren NotePads that I left in my Planner.


Here are my big lists:

Christmas Decorations (tree decorations, bed decorations, food photography supplies need etc).

Christmas clothes what I want and number I want.

Christmas gifts ideas with a part dedicated to each persons, eventually with the prices if I know it.

Holidays PhotoShoots with Food or else I want to do or ideas.

A list of activities I want to do before Christmas or for the season.


My favorite thing for stay the most organized and to do lists, lists, lists… It’s the best.

2. Do traditions and extra new each years.

There’s no christmas traditions in my family but I decided to create myself because traditions are good and that’s help for surviving to depression,… but I think also to do a few extra things in more of traditions that can be good.

3. Finish shop early.

I said it above, I love finish shop before december 1st and online it’s better because you found more things with prices more lows and you can keep the control.

4. Organized at the end of season for the next year.


It’s best when you know that something could missing the next year or old and that does not work anymore and to a list and organized of what things to buy for change.

5. Take the little times in memories.

Little are sometimes just perfect and keep them a long time in memories, it’s cool.

LISTS,… ORGANIZATION, the best thing/tips. This Holidays plans post is finish and I take and enjoy so such good time for to do it.


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    I love the story of to do lists, it’s so productive.

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