I talk… Fashion

Today and like once time of all months I write my post entitled “I talk” with a special subject and today it’s about…FASHION.

Don’t follow the society fashion but dress up with what you feel good.


My Fashion style is simple or I can say minimalist like my rest of life, I feel better with my minimalist esprit.


I have not really a lots of differents clothes, shoes, accessories but I have simple things, simple colors and a simple wardrobe, I feel better like that: Jeans blue, or grey trousers, few pull clear colors, few clear t shirts, shorts or just few pairs of shoes. I prefer buy more expensive thing but less, for quality and because I love more and a things buy who is most beautiful for me I know that I could wear it in contrary I know that a thing less expensive and that I did not like it, I did not wear it and I will be in bad feeling cause I told me that I bought for nothing and I will have a thing that I did not wear it for nothing and that is not my feeling LifeStyle for my good recovery.


Jeans are easy Clear topsShoes.

They are so easy, I love them so so much.


I love simple belt with no object on, I love uni socks, I love white bras, I love fin bracelet with just a little objects.


It’s clear, I’m a minimalist lifestyle until Fashion.


This was, I talk… Fashion ‘ s post.




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