I Talk… Christmas

It’s Christmas talk.

What say about christmas?


Ok, already, I don’t see christmas in the same way these last few years and when I was 8 years old.


About the gifts before I saw the max of gifts was neccessary,… today I love to have less a gifts but some that I want really and that I could use it all year same during many years later.


Ok, it’s normal to do not see christmas of the same way at 8 or almost 21 years old.

I love anyway and I’m feel more in comfort that means that I have growing up.


Favorites in Christmas?


Decorate, watching christmas movies, christmas foods, take christmas photos mini sessions, others things like that.


Outside Gifts?


Christmas represente and again more this year with my last difficult times a time of the year where we can believe and have more hope… with all christmas spirit.


I love to be organized for christmas it’s less stressful and we can enjoy this season more. I did a post last month where I talk all my plans and organizations for holidays here.


This  is my last I talk… of the year.

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