Hamburger Pizza Hot Dog

I love eat in skinny portion cause I recovery from Anorexia where there is one year ago, I did not eat more that 400 calories by day, do not deprive me to eat one thing that I want cause of a lots of calories inside, the first solution that I founded when I started way of Recovery was to eat skinny portion but EAT. I search lots of new food that I could eat and under differents form. I do often a mix. Hamburger Pizza Hot Dog is come from a mix to want eat pizza but not a real, hot dog sausage and tomato sauce. It’s very easy recipe to do.


This recipe is for one portion, you can double dosage for how portion you want.




1 bottom Hamburger Bread

1 Hot Dog sausage

Tomato Sauce




Take the bottom of the Hamburger Bread to flat.
Spread Tomato Sauce above (the measure that you want).

On a board take the Hot Dog sausage and cut a little slices about 0,6 cm thickness.

Place the slices on the top of Tomato Sauce.

Put about 20 seconds in microwave.

Your Hamburger Pizza Hot Dog is Ready. Serve!




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