This was a… halloween day.

I woke up around 8 H 15 Am and I started the day with this breakfast… ( WHOO THE CALORIES!!! )


… 3 pancakes, 30 g Nutella, 80 ml milk and my medication.

Around 10 H00 Pm, I started at cook my Halloween cake.

img_2494at the same time I watched a episode of Psych ( season 6 episode 11 : Heeeeere’s Lassie ).

Around 11 H30 Am, I had completely finish my cake; Chocolate cake with spiderweb frosting.


Just after I took photographs of the cake.

Ready or not ? Yes with a pumpkin.


Around 12H00 Pm and after photos session I drunk a Orange Caprice Sun.

Around 12H30 Pm I ate my lunch.


A sandwich with 15 g Of Blanc De Poulet, 16 g Laughing Cow Natural and 1 Slice of Whole American Sandwich.

It was fun I tried to draw a pumpkin with a knife in the sandwich.

Around 1H15, I started eat one piece of the Spiderweb cake with my mom, dad and “sister”.


Around 2H00 Pm I watched a NCIS episode not all ( season 12 episode 6: Parental Guidance Suggested ).


After this I did a little nap, I’m go outside in a shop for search a thing and after I come back home.

Around 4H30 Pm I watched a other episode of Psych ( season 3 episode 1: Ghosts ) with a hot chocolate and the half of a piece of the spiderweb cake. ( bonus with a little pumpkin of the edge. )



Around 5H30 Pm I edited my photographs of the Spiderweb cake at the same time and Macbook I watched a episode of NCIS: New Orleans ( season 1 episode 6: Master of Horror )


For dinner around 7H00 Pm I ate 150 ml of a pumpkin soup with 16 g Of Laughing Cow Natural.

Around 9H00 Pm and for the beginning of the night and finish the day I watched Fun Size movie with the bonus of the making of.


Cool and funny movie.


During the movie I ate 10 pieces of this candy.

And Halloween day coming to an end after this.

I love so much skeletons.


Red eyes and nose.

I love this quote.


A review of my Halloween day.


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