This only about three years ago that I started I really love photography and one and half years after video, it’s  no long time so I haven’t so much materials, I need more for able to do more things. I have my birthday too around christmas so I could buy me somethings, my parents somethings and the rest I will see after.

Top 5 of gifts that I would like for my photographs work.

#1 Tripod Manfrotto ( he is already bought by my parents during Black Friday ) I know it’s not the best but actually I have a basic that I bought at 15 €.

#2 I need some backdrops for my studio photographs, white and others.

#3 I would like since long time of reflectors but I’m never bought.

#4 I will have a better logical retouch photographs that my actually.

#5 I will need also of a book to teach me more about filming video.

Five things that I would like for my photographs passion.

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