Today, it’s a special Friday Favorites.

It’s Easter sunday and I wanted to do a special post, I decided to rest with Favorites and after reflection I found and opted for Chocolat.

I go listed my favorites chocolat that I love or that I loved in my enfance.

I discovered there is few years ago for easter and I loved it, Milka boiled egg milk.

Since always, when I little I loved what there to builded inside but today I found that toys inside are nul Kinder Surprise.

M&M’s Peanuts.

I loved it when I was little, it’s been a time that I didn’t eat Kinder Bueno.

A favorite when I was little not eat since christmas Kinder Maxi.

When I was little, it’s a very much long time that I didn’t eat Kit Kat.

It gives me regularly when I was little, I loved not so much the chocolat on the other hand I love it and founded cool the box and form of fabrication Toblerone.

I don’t love(d) the Mars but Mars Ice Cream yeah, Mars.

Since I’m little I love it but lonely at some period Kinder Pingui.

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