Friday Favorites: First post

Hello there, this is my first Friday Favorites post. In this post I put all things that I love it or he ´s sweet during the week.


This week ( Monday ) this was my psychiatrist appointement since vacation. I needed it so much after horrible vacation, terrorist attack at Nice,… 18 days without to haved seeing. SO HARD!!! After this visit I ate a vanilla soft ice cream ( without the cônes ).


Since last week, I have a OBSESSION with this biscuits Prince of Lu little format pocket. One contient 93kcal, I ate even four by days sometimes. I love the textures it’s not so big for my stomac. I love this!


This week was a puzzles obession week. Two 1000 pieces puzzles in four days and the three he is in process. Three puzzles of New York.



Last month, I buyed this short of GAP in 34. He’s my favorite for get out for inside I wearing a ROXY short.

Love so much this tee shirt. I have it in corail in XS and in grey in S but the S and same the XS is are big beacause I lost a kg since I have it buying.


I love watching this cat naping.


Yesterday afternoon, I went to IKEA. IKEA is installed since one year today in my city.

Here we go for my first Friday Favorites post.

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