Friday Favorites

Hi! I hope that you feel good! I think that it was a weird week. I had a little less of obsessional thoughts than last week. But! Like even! I had a lot! I felt weird. I had some good and calm times this week but it was hard. And it was short when I managed to have a calm time in my head of my obsessional thoughts. Ok! I feel not really the best help with my new treatment again. It’s time like every fridays, I share my favorites of the week now.

First up. This week, I shared in pictures my Fall decorations and it was just my favorite. I loved. If you missed the pictures, come here.

IMG 3492 1000x1000 - Friday Favorites


I spent almost on my nights times to watch Halloween movies and work on my Halloween activity books. It’s just so fun and my obsessional thoughts are almost not here during these times.

IMG 4164 1000x750 - Friday Favorites


Sunday late in the afternoon, I did a bike ride with my father in the forest around my house. I spent a lot during the summer in this forest, now it’s more rarely but I think that I must to do more often during Fall also. It’s beautiful with the leaves on the ground. FAVORITE!

IMG 4116 750x1000 - Friday Favorites


Monday, I shared a NO-SCARY Halloween movies list because the countdown until Halloween has started. And I love to watch Halloween movies before to start to watch Christmas movies on 1st November. You can find my list of no-scary Halloween movies here.

Halloween Movies 1000x1000 - Friday Favorites



I found inspirations on Pinterest to write on pumpkins. Like, I bought me few little pumpkins for my Fall decorations. So, I tried! I love to write on pumpkins.

IMG 4055 1000x1000 - Friday Favorites

That wraps my favorites of the week. Thanks for reading.



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