Friday Favorites

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Hi!!! It’s first friday favorites of december. It’s December!!!

And like it’s 1st december…

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I opened my first windows of my advent calendar.

Ok, let’s time, I haven’t a lot of favorites like I’m in a depression relapse… but just few favorites!

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My favorite, it’s to continue my success toward independence and fighting social anxiety.

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I bought a lot of Christmas Stuffs for Baking, for take photography and it’s fun!

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Cutest Santa Claus cupcakes liners.

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Snowman cupcakes liners.

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I bought also this litlle cupcakes decorating kit.

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It’s a little order for christmas baking.
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Watching, watching…… Christmas Movies, a lot, very lot.

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I love create wooden boards, I created some my self last years for christmas, I created one for fall decorations, see here. This week, I created this one.

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I wanted so much created one like this for add to my Christmas decorations. I did.

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I love.

IMG 7325 e1512129963798 - Friday Favorites


That’s wrapped my friday favorites of this week.



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