Friday Favorites

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Hi! The time is arrived for share my favorites of the week. A week full of favorites in despite of my depression sides and many anxiety attacks. A week with transition between Halloween season and Christmas season.

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This is my first favorite in the top of the week, EuroPa-Park trip on sunday. See the recap of this day here… WARNING!!! A lot of pictures with some pumpkins.

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The challenge of halloween movies, it was one halloween movie by night this week for enjoy the last times with halloween season before passing to christmas movies season and… I DONE!

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It’s fall and more cold, my blanket is all time my favorite, so,…Work under my blanket is a of my favorite.

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My Spider pancakes.

Ok, about pancakes, I live in France and we found not pancakes mix here. I launched me, for the first time I bought pancakes mix online in a France site who sale American food and… IT’S SO AWESOME, they are SO GOOD not good AWESOME, I love so much the tasty and a bonus, I don’t like generally maple syrup but I tried to buy the duo Aunt Jemina “The Original” mix and “The Original” maple syrup and I lOVE IT… The taste of this “thing” is so very much AMAZING.


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The pancakes mix.

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The maple syrup.


That was my favorites of this week.


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