Friday Favorites

Today and like every Fridays I share my favorites of the week.

IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION! The very first of my favorite is… that I proud of me, proud, proud cause I hesitated to start the formation on the year cause I had fear that I not managed to succees her, I started even if I feared, I decided to try fix me little goals gradual and despite of few difficults I’m managed, I proud of me.

Never, when I write <<Summer Holiday>> on 2sd June back in August 2016, I will make it!

Thursday night, I went in the backyard some little time and I saw this beautiful sky. I love it.

Put for the first time on the season my flip flop on Sunday/Mother’s Day.

My Fondant Chocolat on saturday, monday and wednesday;).

Saturday night, my mom asked me to play with her at Domino, the saturdays I watch Hawaii 5-0 (she don’t like really these series types after she makes nightmares), but after talk with her and some negotiations, she was alright, she had really want play, we play rarely, OK, this was a little good time, play domino with my mom and watch Hawai 5-0 in same.

My TV Shows nights; N.C.I.S new episode season 14 on Friday.

Hawai 5-0 season 7 new episode saturday night in living room during play Domino with my mom in the same time.


OK, this is the Friday Favorites for today.




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