Friday Favorites

Today and like every Fridays I share my favorites of the week.

Spending times outside with the sun is a very favorite, since the middle of the week the temperature to grow up at 26°C, t-shirt sleeveless was out from my dressing same if sometimes when it s windy, I have a little cold, SUN OUTSIDE and TEMPERATURE MORE WARMER are a GOOD THING FOR THE MENTAL.

Work, work, work… on my last days of School.

Chocolat Fondant on Monday & Saturday.

I stopped the tea every single nights because my stomach don’t support again more and with the warmer days I desire a little least, I want more a fresh drink now but I don’t found the good at this moment, NEW of the week.

I tried new other flavor of Smoothie from Innocent this week: Mango and passion fruit, it’s a love, this one is perfect for hot day of Summer.

NCIS new episode season 14 on Friday night.

New episode Season 7 Hawai 5-0 on Saturday night.

Walking with hot weather Monday on the way of my psychiatrist visit, this is a very good favorite of the week.

This is my favorites of this week.


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