Friday Favorites

Today, it’s Friday and time to share my favorites of the week.

Spending times with the sun, I could put a t-shirt. Big thing while I have always cold.

Baked and Photograph my Lemon Cheesecake on Tuesday.

My new T-Shirt / Bottom.

A sun day Monday for walk a part on the way of my psychiatrist visit.

My Chocolat Fondant on Monday and Saturday.

My tea every single nights, at the same time I have a new flavor Abripot-Peach-Guave.

My TV Show nights: Friday with a new Season 14 episode of NCIS.

Saturday with Season 7 and a new episode of Hawai 5-0.

Tuesday with NCIS New Orleans of Season 1 on Dvd.

Only few days of school and I enjoy this end.

Ta-DA! This is my favorites of this week.


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