Friday Favorites

Today and like every Fridays I share my favorites of the week.

My first favorite is of course my day of Tuesday where I went alone at my psychiatrist visit. “A day in the life” post to recap this special day.

There is few week ago I started to drink smoothies after a long time to decide me in first I tried Kiwi-Apple-PineApple from Innocent and this week I decided to try a new flavor, I chose Banana-Strawberry and I love it also

To vote, on Sunday.

I love the results, my first time where I followed the election on Tv, so, that in first I do not wanted “to vote” and I don’t care of politics, now that interests me a little more.

I’m so grateful to could have been start in despite of my tooth problems and the difficulty to a little baked and photoshoot, a thing that helps me very much last year for start found taste in some food.

My Fondant Chocolat on saturday and tuesday.

My tea every nights.

My Tv Shows night: Friday with NCIS season 14.

Saturday with Hawai 5-0 season 7.

Tuesday with NCIS New Orleans season 1.

Wednesday night with Modern Family season 2.

My new Hair Brush (smoothing), it’s more easy and fast to use that a straigener, my mom bought me few week ago but it’s this week that I really use some times.

Put my Pj’s early in the evening and spending a lots of time inside.

The new that Modern Family is renewed for a season 9 & season 10 I do not want so much that the Tv Show is finish.

These are my lots of favorites for the week.

Sun, you are here a little.


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