Last year, I had start weekly Food Photography Planning because I’m photographer, not food before but I decided to start photography of food also for try eat new food, it is a success but at this time of the beginning of the year I do not want fix me weekly a planning for take food photos because in the planning it is recipes that I make me but actually I want more eat things from outside and not that I make me and not counted the calories of each ingredients.

It’s maybe a good thing, before I could not eat outside because I could not eat without counted each calories exactly in each food.

So, I decided to put Food Photography Planning in pending at this moment maybe and if I want I could restart in few weeks, at see!

This decision does not affect the food photography that I want take on the contrary but I want take these photographs when I want and not decided one week before which day.

It was a post about Food Photography Planning that is out for this moment.

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