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Regularly I try to fix myself new food goals. In August and September I fix myself hard goals, the more hard was to past of 800 Kcal to 1000 Kcal by day in all beginning I felt so bad, today I feel less bad when I’m at 1000 Kcal by day but some days I feel bad always.

In August and September my goals was of try new food each weeks, I’m almost managed in August but September less after the trip to Nice that me slowed in this goal but in Nice I try a several new food.

In September, I started my Food Photography Planning and for September month it was more or less a success, I had loved try new recipes, cooking, take photographs after and try eat after.

So, in October, I have no really new goals because it’s a special month my dad is retirement since Today so I will have to that I adjusted and see how that happen with this situation of to have at home with me.

October goals as even:

I will try to continue to rest at 1000 Kcal by day but I try too increase at 1200 Kcal by day without that I feel bad ( TRY ).

I will try to continue my Food Photography Planning too ( with fall and halloween food and other ), I don’t know if I managed because I feel bad when someone is at home when I cook because I don’t have encouragements on the contrary and at this moment I feel worthless.

I will try too continue to test at less one new food by weeks.

One other goal for October it is to try do not weigh at grams my breakfast during at less three days in a row.

Try do not weigh my meals sometimes, maybe lunch, dinner, snack, not all meals a row in a day but sometimes a meal in a day and maybe another meal some days after, at see when I’m not too of fears.

Try do not take in photos all I eat, actually I take photos of all I eat, really all, each meals, every single food I eat, try to do not take in photos all I eat just expecionnel food.

Do not weigh me during few days in a row.


I don’t know if I managed this goals in October because it is a special month with my dad who is at the retirement since today so I will see what I can do.


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