Today, it’s food november goals.


October goals was a success ( recape here ) despite my fears about the situation with my parents at home.

For november I don’t know so much, it should that up calories again but psychologically I feel don’t able, I have so much fears.

The other day I had a idea, it’s almost christmas and in the shop all about is already in and by pass in front of the christmas aisle I saw advent calendar and after back home, I thought at something.

I did me a calendar for november from 1 to 30 day.

Why ? It’s for a little extra chocolate every single days for eat a little more calories.


I choose Kinder Surprise, Kinder Maxi Mini and few Smarties too.

There is:

6 Kinder Surprise

20 Kinder Maxi Mini

4 * 8 Smarties





I put in seconds drawer of my night table.

For november I try to continue with this below.


and try new food


Summary november goals:

1- Try stay always around 1000 Kcal a day ( up if I feel able ).

2- Not managed in october but to try in november again: didn’t weigh me during three days in a row.

3- Try again new food ( I do not have too ideas at this time ).

4- Continue eat Nutella Waffle without fears.

5- Try to respect my calendar extra with chocolate.

No much ideas for this month, I feel psychologically least able for new goals this month.

Try continue my food photography planning too. Today was my last Halloween food with Ghosts Cupcakes.

This is a food november goals.


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