Favorites posts of 2017.

Hi! Today, I will do my favorites ever posts that I did all long year. I love these posts because I loved what I talk in the post or I loved put in photos some things or again because I loved so much recap some things.


Here a look. of my favorites posts of 2017.


Christmas Walk.

Ice Skating 21th Birthday.

EuroPa Park in Christmas World.

Christmas Movies.

Lego Kits Organization.

I talk… Holidays Plans.

Halloween in EuroPa Park 2017.

Halloween Movies.

Tv Shows Help in Depression.

Anxiolytics Updates (one month, three months).

Nice 2017.

Skip Days (June, August).

Anorexia on Travel. (A of my most famous post also.)

OCD on Travel. (A of my most viewed post.)

Apple Watch.

A Day In The Life.

BPD Update.

Corsica 2017.

I Take French Riviera part one, part two, part three.


That was my list of my favorites posts of the year.


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