Favorites Photos of my posts Since begin of year {2017}

Today, it’s a special post, we are in June wheter the middle de year.


I wanted to do a post with my favorites photos that I have put in all of my posts since the beginning of the year.


This one of my snow trip in January here.

This one inclue in a Life Lately, when snow was here and on landscape train on the way of my psychiatrist visit.

This of the special night Agent Dinozzo of NCIS on french Tv before her departure in February.

I love when the sun go to sleep of my room when I have my shutter closed, just a little open, this effect is AWESOME!!!

My photo took when I worked on my year school here.

Photos took on the Spring Break Trip / I Take French Riviera 2017: Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Walking on Promenade Des Anglais (inclued in part two).

Flags on Promenade Des Anglais, inclued my country: France, my favorite country: United States Of America and that of European.

Selfie on Monaco Aquarium (inclue in part three).

Red light in the night of Cannes (inclue in part three).

Colors of sea after take off of Nice Airport (inclue in part three).

When the weather inclue sun; walk on the way of my psychiatrist visit.

My photo with my TV when I watched NCIS L.A., NCIS, Hawai 5-0, NCIS New Orleans, despite that new episodes are not all diffuse in France, the channel has stopped the diffusion in the middle or at almost the end, Now, all of my Tv Show Are not on Air.

Milkshake session Time.

Photo of my first presidential right to vote in my life.

Inclued in Life Lately or Friday Favorites at one special time: Bubble Bath.

Inclued in a Friday Favorites, my Planner, I worked with them all long year and I love it so much.

The first Food PhotoShoot reprise of the year inclued in a Friday.

A photo from my lots, when I went alone at one of my psychiatrist visit here.

The resultants of election.

Sun on the way of my psychiatrist visit the shadows with the tree.

The last day of school with my Macbook.

Pool/Spa Photos.


This is a view of my best favorites photos inclued in all posts since the beginn of 2017.






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