Falling in Depression Relapse

I’m feel bad.


These last days I’m falling down in Sucide/Depression relapse… I want to do less of things, I want stay in bed and sleep, I want stay in a dark room.

I’m falling down.


I choose to enjoy little things for take the way of recovery. It’s a hard way. It’s a awesome way to enjoy little things… take the best time to read, to do something, to snuggles with blanket, watching Tv Shows… this is a little awesome time to enjoy these very little things in daily life.

But here, I didn’t manage anymore to enjoy these little things.

It’s so hard, I want just stay on bed or the floor and in a dark room.

I feel good in my room however because I have a lots of pumpkin things and I’m excited about these things actually, yeah! this is the season. But on a other side I’m feel not good.

I tried to continue to enjoy little things, I tried to baking, I tried to coloring, read, watching tv show, currently I am with my blanket, bear plush like a 7 year old on my bed for snuggles and write for try to evacuate my bad feeling, usually, I want enjoy snuggles with my blanket and I want enjoy too other things but currently I want just snuggles with my blanket.


I know why I do this relapse but I do not know how solve the problem, I found not the good way.


I’m falling in relapse.

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