Eyes Contact

For me nothing is simpler than a Eyes Contact. WRONG!!!

Eyes contact is something of important in a conversation between peoples, do not look at someone with a eyes contact may be took like a no respect for some persons. I can’t establish a eyes contact with the peoples that I talk, I’m feel bad if I try to establish a eyes contact, I’m feel nul, I’m feel undress and I’m so stressful.

Instead of if a people ask me to establish a eyes contact at her during she talk, I’m feel good cause I tell me that if the person ask me to establish a eyes contact it’s that I have interest to his eyes. Sometimes when I’m not good feeling and that I show by some means at my therapist I like that she asks me to establish a eyes contact for tell me that she does not want that I put myself in danger while simple subjects I can’t.

EYES say so much stories.

Eyes Contact problem” post.


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