DreamING of these HotTub Days

Hi! I’m dreaming.

IMG 9118 copie - DreamING of these HotTub Days

The weather is so beautiful these last days.


It’s not a feeling of spring weather but more a feeling of summer weather.


It’s about 27°C/80°F these last days in the mid-afternoon. It’s so good. With this beautiful almost summer weather I dreaming and remembering these awesome hottub times of last summer… I LOVE SO MUCH HOTTUB.


I thinking a lot about hottub since few days with this beautiful weather.


Of course, it’s too early for going inside, the hottub is not ready again and than it’s too cold for me, I need a temperature outside of 30°C/84°F at least if not I have too cold but I’m remembering the hottub days of last summer and I’m excited of these hottub days of this coming summer.

What is your favorite? Pool or HotTub?


Thanks for reading.


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