I come just today for my December Recap Food post.

December was WAHOO!

I ate always with same OCD but I ate differently also and particularly this ten last days.

For start below a recap of my goals ( post here ).

1- Continue as always at rest above 1000 calories by day at least ( big minimum ).

2- Eat more that alone 200 calories for breakfast.

3- Add a little thing of more in my sandwiches.

4- Drink lots of Hot Chocolate.

5- Eat Christmas food without count all calories.

6- Drink and eat few things from Starbucks.

Recap ( am I managed ? ):

1- It’s done.

2- It’s done.

3- It’s done

4- It’s done

5-It’s done.

6- Drink it’s done, Not eat but maybe in January Goals.

With Christmas period I decided and I managed to change a little my habitude, this last week I have almost no counted calories and to weigh what I ate.

This month I had changes about my breakfast.

New test, this Margarine Chocolate Chips.

I ate Pancakes for Special day as Christmas morning without weigh and counted calories.

There is few mornings I tested this Natural Yogurt I have not eat Yogurt since lots months I feel sick when I see them, for this yogurt I ate 3/4 from cup but it was a little so much, I loved the texture but for my stomach was too much.

My breakfast in December was largely with Manalas.

I add in my smoked tuna sandwiches some leaves from salad.

I had test a new Cheese on my toast.

I ate also Sugar Christmas Cookies where I have not counted not even one calories before and after ate.

I drunk three at Starbucks ( two Chocolat Viennois Classic & one Hot Fudge Chocolate ).


I tried to eat a little more of vegetables ( Christmas Edition ).

Nutella Waffles on Mondays & Saturdays was always here expect I ate my last on Monday 19, I decided to stop for vacation cause I kewn that I will eat more of other things.


Always my Pretzel for my lunch on the way for my psychiatrist visit & a Hot Chocolate on the way of back home.


For more fun I did Christmas lunch box.


In December there have been a big lunch for my Birthday.


For Christmas Eve & Christmas there have been a big lunch and dinner ( to see the details in a Christmas Recap post next year ).

For the moment pass slowly in 2017.


November Food Recap here.

October Food Recap here.

September Food Recap here.


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