Christmas Home Tour 2017

Hi! It’s a post that I waited since a lot of times: CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR.

“All I want for Christmas” from Mariah Carey in background.

I will to do a little tour of my room decorate for Christmas, a thing that I love so much and that help me so much in more inside my depression passage, and actually it’s a big passage in depression relapse, I need more that all <<Christmas spirit>>.

Let’s go for the tour.



I have this wooden board (I created by myself) on the right of entrance of my bedroom.

A wooden board with a reindeer that I mades last year is on my bookcase on a shelve next to my DSLR.

On the top shelve of my bookcase ( I have a white kallax from IKEA bookcase).

I love this little train.

Snow, snow, snow,…

This little village, with train, lights, sounds, I love it. (see below for lighting).

Let’s talk bed for Christmas touche.

I added these Jumping Reindeers Pillowcases that I love so much.

This mug with a gingerman, I love it.

Wooden boards I love it, these are above my desk.

Let it snow.

On my desk, a little vase full of balls is placed, I love my vase full of balls.


With my little Christmas tree in my room.

I have started this little christmas tree in my room just only since last year but I love it so much, I was always sad to have just one tree in the living room because I love lights of christmas tree and like I pass a lot of time in my room, I did not saw a lot the christmas tree in the living room, a christmas tree in my room do not prevents me of go out of my room. laugh. I do not finish my tree decorations I wanted to add few things but for this time I haven’t to do because I did not go in a christmas shop for buy what I wanted add.

And here in the night with lights on.


This was my Christmas Home Tour… All christmas spirit in my big depression are NEED.



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