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In the actually world you have two differents choices for buy: buy online or buy in a store… I’m a person who buy online, I do not like to buy in a store or it’s much rarely or again before go in the store I do my list to buy on the online website of the store in question. On the way of Christmas now, I wanted talk about this subject.


My reasons why I do not like buy in a store:

The dealers do everything for that you spend money in things that you do not want. They talk, they say everything for that buy useless or that you don’t have need, they want choose for you, me “I want choose myself for me”.

Yourself you are more distract to spend and buy more things. It’s easy to be distract when you are in a shop same if a dealer is not here, you are distract, you think that you have of that or that and in real it’s not, the easy thing to told you that you do not want come back few days later in the same store.

The prices are sometimes more a lot expensive. Except with some rarely important deals in a store you buy in the full prices.


Why I love buy online:

I can best manage myself what I bought without influence of dealers. No influences, it’s me, I choose what I want alone.

I can found prices less expensive or found some code promos or deals. A lot of big deals are available online (code promos, deals,…) in contrary in a store you can save 20% – 30% on a order and if online is your principale type to buy, you can save a lot of money.

I can take the time that I want for buy. Yes, you put in the cart and wait, it’s crazy a online website like Amazon, the prices are variable and if you put in the cart and you wait few days, you follow the high and low prices and buy it when the prices are lows.


I love wait before to buy something, sometimes I can wait few weeks before it’s the good thing that I want to buy and that it’s useful on the long term, put in the cart on a website and in other time you will see on others websites for see there is no best on another way. A thing who can to be bad when you shop online is the shipping costs, when I look for the best price of a thing on a website I look also the shipping costs prices for the two together, to buy less expensive. I live in France and a lot of things that I want, does not exist in this country, the international shipping costs are sometimes high and taxes also.

When I want to go buy in a store, like IKEA, I do a wishlist for buy and like that I’m sure of what I want when I’m in the store and I’m not distracted.


Ok, my philosophy for buy, look a lot, wait for see if it’s what you want and look again for found the best prices.



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