August Food In Review

Hi! It’s a August Food in Review for a last day of August.

My August goals are here.


August was a enough good month about my eating disorder, I eat… I eat my favorites meals, I tested new foods, sometimes I loved them sometimes I hated them but I can say that it’s a good recovery month. Pasta, Eggs, Smoothies, Nutella, Ice Cream was here… avocado, new breakfast are invited in the party.


Managed or not my August Goals


1- Yeah, Yeah, I ate my favorites meals.

2- Eat chicken, I managed.

3- I did not eat a very lots of Ice Creams in August but I ate what I wanted and took in photography, it’s perfect that.

4- Yeah! Summer stuff was here.

5- I did not took really food photography in August but I have what I wanted in my book, it’s important, I have what I wanted.

6- When I cooked this is a normal time, not a hard time but I’m not enjoyed extremely, expect for breakfast for who I took a very good time.


Let’s see with photos.

Nutella Crepes was a lots here for breakfast in August.

Some times after Nutella Crepes I discovered Nutella French Toast and it’s so good, I mix between Crepes and French Toast for breakfast these times there.

Before I drunk milk for breakfast, a day I saw something (I don’t know anymore what) I wanted at once test to drink Actimel for breakfast and… It’s done! I LOVE!!! I drink two pieces every mornings. I choose to drink the original I did not wanted to drink with a special taste, I decided I have the Smoothies for that.


Fried eggS.


When I choose to eat a Marble Cake.

I tested new form of Pasta this month.

I tested Pasta Bolognesee but I did not really loved because of carrots, I do not like carrots.

I ate my favorites Pasta with ketchup.

I tested these Pasta noodles, I have rather loved.

My second favorite type of Pasta.

This Ball in Box was a little awesome, some ball with chicken and some ball potato was mixed together and I loved it with the Potatoes Sauce delivered with… this was cool and good.

This month I ate few Pretzel Bread and a day I tested with chicken lashes inside… but I did not loved.


This month I tested Strawberry/Blackberry Smoothies but I did not loved, I prefer stay at Strawberry/Banana.


In my Food, I included Nutella with slices of whole wheat bread too.


I ate, I ate things that I could loved and sometimes NO! but Food was a success this past month and particularly with breakfast also because these two last months I did not wanted eat at breakfast.

This month I found the desire of eat during breakfast, I don’t know if it is going to last but in August it was.


That’s August Food In Review


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  • Reply Jennifer September 3, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Congratulation for these progress!

    • Reply Mix Borderline & Anorexic September 3, 2017 at 8:29 pm

      Thanks, not always easy!

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