capture d c3a9cran 2017 05 06 c3a0 18 25 13 - ATTACHEMENT IN BORDERLINE PERSONALITYIt’s a post about a big symptoms of Borderline Personality.

Since a long and during “ATTACHEMENT” was a big problems. I had need (always a little but less) that all persons inclued my therapist tell me “It’s Okay, I’m here for help you” but not to lie, It was told several of times but I had not thought. WHY? Cause I felt that everyone get rid of me. I had need to hear this phrase but when she was tells to me I had no thought.

My attachement about my therapy and therapist was very important it is almost 8 years that she follows me and during we had problems about appointments cause of my age cause when I started follow by her I was a kid age (for psychiatrist) and after adult.

All vacations/holidays I hated cause this will makes bad cause I had need of my psychiatrist appointments (weekly). I can’t support it.

In follow months and with all appointments with my therapy, I learned, I learned lots of things and manage my attachement about therapy also.

Today, same if I have need a lots my therapist appointements, I learned to live during vacations/holidays break provided that it lasts no more than 2 weeks.

My attachement about other peoples are less important also before as soon as somebody do not wanted to me I felt bad but today, I say to myself never minds I don’t care, it is we were not made for be together.

This change I had able to do thanks to my therapist.


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