Apple Watch

This is my post about my Apple Watch.


I have my Apple Watch since two months…

See why I love my Apple Watch.

1. I’m a Apple products because I’m found their things so minimalist and I’m a minimalist women.

2. The clearly favorite utilization of my watch is the notifications, my Anxiety gives me the force of stay to be tape at my phone by fear of miss out on important notifications, emails, text messages, etc.. I cannot left my phone at more of 10 cm and when I received a notification, a email or text message, I obliged to watch now and watch again further for see if I did not receive a other notification. The watch permits me of left my phone some place in house with less of Anxiety… I know that I could receive my notifications with me… When I’m in a spot and that I have the watch and phone but that my phone is in my pocket and take it forced me to stop my activities or derange me, I can look up on for watch if it’s a important notification or not… it is a doctor message I take my phone and look up… it’s a email notification of Esprit sale, I leave for the moment and I look more later. It’s easy and so not distract you of go in one app and to do finally the half of your phone apps… it’s reduce and help me on my OCD and Anxiety. I keep always my phone when I go out of home… in fact, I take it just if I need to take a photo… I will not be a photographer, filmmaker… I think that I able to left my phone again more. I love so much this function.

3. I love the activities rings, I did not so much sports, but I use so much stand, yeah, that is permit me to stand up at least 12 hours by day… I know it’s not so much but it’s already that when you are in depression. I use the reminders also, it’s really motivate.

On this date I completed all my rings, it was the first time it was Monday, 7th August.

I love also the Achievement it’s cool to receive a little somethings when you are successful your goals and cause me I’m so much with goals for recovery by steps in functions of periods life.

4. I love heart use, it’s cool to see what beating your heart, and that permit of use also during in activity and the synchronize with your activities and follow all that.

5. I LOVE relax app, I did not love yoga but the relax app of watch, Yes!, You can settings the time that you want AND the BEST thing and at each inspiration, she gives you littles pulse in your wrist and I found that’s encouraging and me when I’m in a BPD impulsivity that can calm my impulsivities, it’s not a joke.

6. I heard a lots about the battery life is short, I do not find. My battery life watch is of 2 days, I charge her every two night, I did not note a reduce of my phone battery life.

7. My best thing, it’s I can keep my watch in water, shower, spa, I do not need to remove it.

8. I love use the fingers write when I have a little short message to answer with text message or the recorded answers, it’s perfect!

About Fashion accessories I found it’s a cool accessory in my elementary or middle school I worn a lots of watches but around my 12 years I stopped cause I’ve had enough since all time I did not wear at my 20 years I restarted and with Apple Watch I found it’s cool.


You can really give at your watch the face that you want, it’s cool… me, I prefer this one that I have on the photo bellow, it’s minimalist.

#1: The date
#2: The red dot tells me that I have a notification waiting for me if I missed it in the second where she is comes, I need just of swipe up to see later.
#3: The time
#4: Fitness app info on the watch (Calories burned/Exercices Minutes/Hours stand) I can see where I am during the day. I did not put excessive goals cause I do not to do so much exercices because I eat not so much for avoid of lost weight.
#5: The weather is synchronized with my Weather Pro App on my Phone, I can click on temperature and I could to have more info about the day like on the phone App but just on 24 hour.
#6: The battery life.
#7: The relax App

If you press that top button on the right the home screen appear and you have access at all your Apps. When I download a app on phone and if she is compatible with watch she download automatically on my watch.

The button below is for turn off or on your watch.

A few of others infos about my watch…

1. I bought the 38mm size because I have a little wrist. I have silver aluminium case and the white band and it’s easy to switch the bands.

2. I connect her at my phone in bluetooth.

3. At this time, I have in French language, at the beginning I preferred to put in French because I did not know the Apple Watch world, it was more easy like that.

4. I do not like the price, I love my watch but not the price I found it’s expensive.


Ok, I think that I have all in roll about my watch utilization during these first two months!

If you have a Apple Watch, I hope that you love her, you can tell me what you think of Apple Watch in comments below.



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