Ok, today I wanted talk of a special thing related to something that it happening yesterday in my head.

The afternoon we went to Zoo, and a this special out of home I decided to did a photoshoot and filming.

A time in front of Tigers anglos, I did photography in a special pose and my sister look at me bizarrely (as always), I looked behind me for look her discretly because the look of my sister and of the others peoples is very difficult for me.

This very special time in my head, I said to me. Why, I did attention at his look, I did what I want as I want and not as the look of the others peoples want I must not discourage me cause of the look of peoples. Whaooo! It’s extremely hard but I could not to do attention to look of the others peoples, now.

I want live with not the look of the others peoples on me but my look that I have of myself and on last months he is a little more positive that before.

It will hard with actual society.

I want my look and not the look of others peoples for go ahead.


Goal of a Borderline Personality Disorder with a lack self confidence, that live only with the look of others peoples and fear of judgemnts.

Peanut Recovery AFTER THIS LOOK OF...

The change in my head is betide approximately of the place. 


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