A Day In The Life {08.09.2017}

This is A Day In The Life post… I did a post like this in May on a special day and I wanted to do one during the summer holidays.

This is a little Summer/bored life.

This is my yesterday day.


Alarm clock is at 08H30AM, I’m a so much tired these last times with my sleep delay cause of my Anxiolytic Stop, I took one month of delay in my “normal” sleep.

Breakfast with Slice of Nutella bread, some Actimel and my Lamictal.

I went to prepare me after for the day.

Around 09H00 I went on my laptop for check my everyday things and work a little on my blog all on my bed.

Sun was a little out, I decided to go outside I drunk Oasis Fruits…

… and I snuggled with my cat in the backyard.

Around 11H30AM I accompanied my mom which had a Homeopath visit cause she asked me.

We were back at home around 12H30PM, it was Lunch time, for once time I ate the same lunch that my family: Duck Hachis Parmentier.

The sale was here in France for once time I founded some clothes in sale (usually I do not found something in sale I don’t know why) for back to school… The packets are arrived, I opened them.

Follow by try these new clothes, the size was good, I have often the problem for found a good size mostly in jeans.

Follow by a Double Chocolat Ice cream.

Around 02H00 I went on my laptop for work on my post of the day accompanied of my bed;)

It’s 03H00PM when I left the home for go to a rendez vous.

The weather was not enough hotter for that I go in HotTub.

On way of back, we stop at KFC for a Chocolat Cream Ball, Yeah! two Ice Cream in the same day, It is not this winter that I go eat ice cream and this month, I eat less of Ice Cream that in July month.

I took a break in my bed, I’m really tired these last times and it’s summer.

I went talk at my parents a little, after I’m come back in my room and posted my post at 06H30PM.

I bought new little things, and I throw old things for do not add things in more in my room.

07H00PM it’s dinner time at menu I made me: swedish bread, with cheese and Salmon.

I tried to eat a Stracciatella Yogurt in dessert it’s hard to eat yogurt for me but this one it’s better cause the texture is less liquid!

Shower and lotioned… I’m ready for my special summer nights (special in my Summer list).

Who is watching, my favorites Tv Shows in streaming.

I’m down in the living room for say good night at my parents and snuggle and play a little with my cat.

And tired I went sleep and I took sweet time with my blanket and plush for take a calm time… That’s wrap my day!


This is my day.


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We were at the end of Summer holiday… almost, for take a time… for that I explore these last time, I start a little break on the blog from today to next friday.




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